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VSF Robot Arm

For additive manufacturing and machining of parts using 6-axis robots controlled by SINUMERIK CNC system. 

VSF Robot Arm for Machining & 3D Printing

VSF Robot solution uses a 6-axis industrial robot that is directly controlled by SINUMERIK system for 5-axis machining of parts. This makes for a highly accurate robot that can be controlled just like a CNC machine.

The VSF Robot is also offered with printing head for manufacturing composite, thermoplastic and wax parts.

Better path control & positioning


Easy programming

like a conventional 3 or 5 axis milling machine

0.1 mm positioning accuracy

with ISIOS calibration





Milling Spindle                 :         9.6kW, 24,000 RPM max

3D Printing Composites    :         Up to 12kg/hr throughput

These are our standard robots for 5-axis machining and 3D printing. Get in touch with us for other options

Advanced motion control

Our VSF Robot systems use Siemens SINUMERIK to control the robot directly and bypass the need for a robot controller. Robot controllers are typically used for pick & place operations and have poor path accuracy. With the SINUMERIK system, we can achieve much better path control and positioning performance than robot controllers.


The SINUMERIK CNC system is programmed like a conventional 5 axis machine tool with X/Y/Z linear axes and A/B rotary axes. SINUMERIK automatically converts these to robot movements. This makes it much easier to program than a robot controller when used for machining/additive tasks. The same CNC program running on a 3 or 5 axis CNC milling machine will run on our VSF Robot Arm.

CNC Programming of Robot

Predominant CNC system in market

The Siemens SINUMERIK system used in VSF is the most powerful CNC system in the market. It is the preferred control solution for Aerospace, Defence and Automotive industries.

12 axes interpolated motion

The SINUMERIK system enables 12 axes interpolated motion. This allows seamless control of the 6 robot axes, milling spindle, rotary table, linear tracks, grippers and other components.

Robot Arm models

Available add-ons

We also offer additional components for your application. Please contact us for more information regarding each component.


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